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Glos DA Rules

Information & Rules

Glos DA Meets & THS Temporary Holiday Sites

Throughout the year ‘Glos DA’ holds several weekend camping meets (DA Meets) and we also organise two Temporary Holiday Sites (THS’s).  Any fully paid up member of The Camping and Caravanning Club is welcome to join us at our meets or use our THS’s.

Each year we also organise several special camping meets and social events, including two campsites at the Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford and our popular Birthday Meet

Temporary Holiday Sites

Each year The Camping and Caravanning Club District Associations runs Temporary Holiday Sites known as THS’s.  These are sites that are open for longer than the normal weekend meet and located in popular holiday spots, many are open for up to a month.

Any member of The Camping and Caravanning Club is welcome to use a Temporary Holiday Site.  Although booking is not always necessary some do require booking therefore it is recommended that you always contact the DA running a Temporary Holiday Site prior to arriving,

If you have any questions about our THS’s then please contact us.

The Glos DA Birthday Meet

Each year ‘Glos DA’ holds a birthday meet to celebrate the founding of the group, this meet includes music and dancing on all nights and organised games for children (and adults).

This event is always well supported by many members from ‘Glos DA’ and other DA’s with well over 100 units attending.  There are a number of non booked spaces available each year but space can not be guaranteed without a booking.

If you are traveling without a booking you should contact the DA prior to traveling to ensure space is available 07855 170905

RIAT Fairford

Camping at the Royal International Air Tattoo Fairford (RIAT)

Each year ‘Glos DA’ organises camping at two sites for the Royal International Air Tattoo, RIAT, RAF Fairford near Swindon.

Any fully paid up member of the Camping and Caravanning Club is welcome to use the sites. Tents, Caravans and Motorhomes can use either campsite. Your membership number will be required to make a booking for the main site and you will be required to show your card when arriving at both sites, booking is not required for the second site.

Both campsites are run under club rules including an 11pm quiet rule, families are very welcome at both sites.  The main site is very close to the show and the other is a little further away in Down Ampney.  Both campsites are normally very busy, booking is essential for the main site and special fees apply.

Your own sanitation is essential, Electric Hookup is not available at either location
Rubbish disposal, chemical toilet disposal and drinking water available on site.


The Gloucestershire DA wants everyone to enjoy their camping experience and tries to operate in a friendly and relaxed manner, however in order to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all please remember to follow The Camping and Caravanning Club rules at all times. Full rules can be found in your Big Sites Book or from the C&CC main web site.

Here are a few of the main ones we wish you to bear in mind.

•Campers must not arrive before the published opening time and must not occupy the site in the absence of the site Steward. To do so is outside the provisions of the Clubs Exemptions under which Club Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites are held.

•All members upon arriving on site should report to the site Steward before pitching their unit.

•All members should park or pitch their units where the site Steward requests and in any case at least 20 feet away from all other units, if requested to move your unit by the Stewart then please do so.

•Proof of Club membership is to be shown by all members attending camping events when requested to do so by the appointed Steward.

•Vehicle speed must not exceed 5mph.

•Members must collect waste water in a receptacle and should not allow it to overflow and foul the camping ground.

•Dogs and other pets must be kept under control at all times. No animal is allowed to be loose on the site and must always be on a lead not longer than 2 metres if outside a unit. Members must remove any droppings left by their pets.

•It is forbidden to fly kites and model aircraft or to use catapults, airguns, firearms, bows and arrows or similar items on site. Ball games are permitted only with the agreement of the Steward, on an open space well away from camping units.

•Campers may only use generators with the Steward’s permission. If the site Steward considers the use of a generator to be causing a nuisance then he may ask the camper to stop using the generator or else leave the site.

•Noise should be kept at a minimum from radios, televisions and other sources such as generators, and there should be no noise whatsoever between 11pm and 7am.

•If a Steward feels a member’s behaviour, or the behaviour of a member’s children or pets, is causing a nuisance, the Steward is permitted to ask a member to cease the behaviour or leave the site.

•If receptacles are not provided, members attending a Club Meet must take their refuse home with them.

•All members must ensure that their pitch is left clear of litter on their day of departure from the site

•Members should vacate their pitch on the day of departure at the time requested by the site owner.

•Vacated pitches must be left clear of all property and refuse. Please remember this includes cigarette ends