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Glosda Moving Forward.


Dear club members,

As your Chairman I would like to get your views on a few things so that your committee can try and do things that YOU want.

I am committed to improving our da and realise that if we don’t attract younger family members we could face losing it in the future altogether. We need to move with the times and value our member’s thoughts, ideas, and inputs to help keep it running.

What kind of weekend meet sites would you like?

Maybe you already like the sites we use or know of any possible other sites/locations?

What kind of THS sites would you like to see?  What areas?(beach or countryside).

Would you be prepared to steward any of these?

What type of site do you prefer? i.e. just a field with attractions nearby or perhaps a rally field on a caravan site with facilities and possible electric hook ups?

Birthday meet  
Which weekend would suit you best?

Which weekend do you think would attract the most members?

Do you think the current format works? How could we improve it?

As a few of you will appreciate it is a long and sometimes frustrating job setting up a new website so thank you for being patient. Are there any ways you think we can improve on it? Anything missing you think should be there?

What would make you come out with us more or come out to normal da camping more?

If you could send me your replies as soon as possible I could put some ideas to your committee (the next committee meeting is June 6th but we meet every few weeks).
You are more than welcome to email me via my personal email address (see below), then I can print easier and take them to your committee.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us
Clive Loveridge