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Hi everyone . We have a ths starting on the 19th for 2 weeks before and after the NFOL at malvern. We are desperately looking for some help with the stewarding for the duration of this event . The meet will be opened by Mark and Sue but due to

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Hi everyone . This is an URGENT call for help for stewards.  The desperate meet that is getting closer is Down Ampney , this is for the fairford air show. also required are stewards for slimbridge and welland ths meets. please if you can help then let any of the

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Glosda Moving Forward.

GLOSDA FUTURE ! Dear club members, As your Chairman I would like to get your views on a few things so that your committee can try and do things that YOU want. I am committed to improving our da and realise that if we don’t attract younger family members we

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Glosda Ths meets

Hi everyone. Hope you are looking forward to the season ahead. We have already enjoyed a few meets but as you can see from our site list we have lots to offer you all this season. As you all know most of our meets do not require any booking and

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Glosda Meets

Hi everyone. Thank you to everyone who has put there name down for stewarding.  We still have a few spaces to fill so if you can help with any of the meets then please message us via email at , message us on Facebook or have a chat with

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